Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Sarracenia Species from my friend Mike Wang!

Hi everyone, I got some great plants today in the mail and I couldn't wait to pot them.  A grower named Mike Wang helped me get set up with a great collection of species.
Here is what I bought from him
 I was surprised that hey came in a small fed ex box, all of the pitchers were bent in half but ironically they didn't break! How did you do that Mike???? 
He gave me some advice, pot the plants in 4" inch pots slightly underpotted.  I put the larger ones in 6" pots.  
Thanks for
Rob Co for giving me some great advice on how to rinse my perlite without breathing in fumes.  I wet the perlite so that it doesn't create any dust. =)
 Here are all of the little babiers potted, I'm not sure which ones are which right now because i'm a new grower, but i'm sure by the end of this week i'll be calling them by their names!! Which ones do you like best? I love carnivorous plants! They make me remember when I believed in magic, fairys, and super mario!  Thanks for taking a peek! Im off to Krispe Kreme!

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  1. Honestly, I'm a bit scared of those carnivorous plants :) But they all look interesting!!! Take more photos of your garden plzzz!