Monday, August 6, 2012

My very first Drosera Sundew Carnivorous Plants!


These little drosera plants have changed my life! They are surprisingly easy to take care of and have been growing faithfully!
I believe the one on the top left is Drosera Binata.  I trimmed off all of the leaves that came with the plant when I repottted it, and look at all of the new growth shooting up!

The photo above and to the right is my Drosera Madagascarensis.  I've seen photos on the internet of these plants in the wild and in my head  I thoughts a giant plant would come in the mail. . . I ordered this guy from EBAY and it came in great shape. . .the only problem was its literally the size of my thumbnail =(
I feel like when I was a kid and I would always be excited for the toys in the cereal, and then after eating all of the horrible cornflakes. . .I discovered the toy was horrible too!!! =(
I saw a youtube video of some little kid propagating Drosera Capensis in a Pitri dish by leaf cuttings and letting it float on the surface.  I got rid of all the dead bugs on the leafs, but I didn't see the debri in the tray before I put them in. . .now i have to change the water soon to keep it clean to prevent rot.  Direct sunlight with a grow dome I guess!?!? We'll see lol hahaha, deep fried cuttings anyone??? 


Ok, so this whole carnivorous plant craze got started a month ago when I saw a venus flytrap and a Sundew plant at home depot.  Little did I know that those plants are already kind of doomed for death.  The low light conditions Home Depot definitely did them some damage.  The leaved all burned when I repotted them because I didn't ease them into full sun.  I just threw them out there. . and I guess thats not the smartest thing to do. 
All of the old leaves are trimmed off, and this is all new growth. 
Do they look ok? Sickly? Happy? Anyone listening? 

 This one down here is the giant for of Drosera something. . .Lol I really should make tags for these things.  Ugh. l just another thing to do!!! Lol This one is doing pretty well I think, lots of new growth coming up!
What drosera plants are you growing? Any advice to a CP killer???

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