Thursday, August 23, 2012

Carnivorous Plant Grow Room Update August 23, 2012

Here is a youtube video os some of my nepenthes after I rescued the from the hot sun.
Here is my set up.

Sun Hut Grow Tent 2x4
Dimensions: 54" x 35 1/2" x 84"

Grow Bright 8 Bulb Fixture
14 hours on
10 hours off

They are acclimating still, so the light is about 3" above the plants, I am dropping the light every three days.

AC unit in the room, drops temps to 60 degrees at night.

Here are the growing conditions outside in southern california
August 2012
95 degrees 30% humidity
65 degrees 60 humidity

In my grow room its 75-80 degrees with 60% humidity
and nights of 60 degrees with 80% humidity at night.

Im hoping this will be great for my Nepenthes!

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  1. Will you have an update on your carnivorous plants? I notice your temp range 70 -80 degress is what I have the meter reads 99% all the time I hope the darn thing is correct. I will have to make adjustments with ac this summer.