Friday, August 17, 2012

My New Nepenthes Grow Chamber August 2012

 Hey anyone that cares remotely about these beautiful plants.  I set up a new grow habitat for my lowland/intermediate neps.  its now summer in southern california, the outside weather was
95 degrees day
30 percent humidity
75 degrees night
60 percent humidity.
My plants hated me and were dying.  I got them into the shade for a while but now have this set up.
Its in a Sun Hut Grow Tent with a T5 light fixture with 6 T5 bulbs i believe. 
Not they get
14 hours on with light
10 hours off with light
they are still acclimating so there is about two and a half feet with half of the light bulbs on for one more day.  Then full power lights for three days, and then the pulleys will be lowered a couple inches until they are about a foot away from the growth points.  I'm running out of room =(

Feel free to to email me

I mounted the hanging baskets to an ordinary double racked wardrobe rack from ACME Supply in Downtown Los Angeles.  I got this Hygrometer at Moneta Nursuery in Gardena. 

This is my grow list and where I got the plants. 
Nepenthes Ventrata (Home Depot)
Nepenthes truncata (Lowland) (Orchid Web_
Nepenthea maxima (Orchid Web)
Nepenthes spathulata x boschiana (Leilani Nepenthes)
Nepenthes rafflesiana (Leilani Nepenthes)
Nepenthes enigma n. medusa x mermis (Leilani Nepenthes)
Nepenthes sibuyanensis x (spectabilis x beccariana) (Leilani Nepenthes)
Nepenthes spectabilis x ventricosa (Leilani Nepenthes)
Nepenthes minami (((northiana x maxima) x maxima) (mirabilis x (rafflesiana x ampullaria))) (Leilani Nepenthes)
Nepenthes sibuyanensis x maxima (Leilani Nepenthes)
Nepenthes viscaria (Leilani Nepenthes)

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