Monday, August 6, 2012

My first Sarracenia Pitcher Plants!

 These two unfortunate souls were a part of the HOME DEPOT Carnivorous Plant rescue that I did. I bought 5 Venus Fly Traps, 5 Sundews, and 2 of these Pitcher Plants.
I'm not sure what species the plant above is, but I think the one below is Sarracenia Purpurea.
I trimmed off all of the old pitches that received quite a burn from the direct sunlight, but I can see new growth coming from the crown so thats a good sign. They are in a substrate of Sphagnum muss from Home Depot, the kind without Miracle Grow.
 This is the Sarracenia JA Hybrid.  Jerry Addington is an amazing grower, I hope to buy plants from him and possibly meet him one day! These three plants below came from a grower on
 This is a beautiful Sarracenia Flava pitcher that has matured since I bought it.  Its about 7 inches high and showing new growth starting to develop.  They are sitting in a tray of reverse osmosis water.

This is my first Sarracenia Leucophyllia.  Its growing a nice new pitcher, Its so sad that I had to cut the old janky ones off.  They didn't look nice and I read that if you expose the crown to sun by cutting off some of the pitchers, new ones will grow and it will start to expedite rapid new growth.  

 Do you have any Sarracenia??? What types?

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