Thursday, August 23, 2012

Grow House Update! I just got a new fogger to increase the humidity!

 Hey everyone! I just ordered a new Cephalotus Follicularus from Ebay and its smaller than I thought it was going to be! Anyways, it was in a botted medium of peat and other friends, I asked the grower if he had repotted it anytime in the recent past and he said the ceph hasn't been repotted for a while.
I took the lil guy out and soaked the roots in superthrive.  Two drops for every cup, and there was about four cups with 10 drops, about a capfull full.  I let them chill in the RO water for 15 minutes and potted the sucker in live sphagnum moss i've been growing on the side of my house.

Please pray to the ceph gods that these guys don't die!
 Here is a picture of my Nepenthes in my new growing conditions.  The Exo Terra Fogger wasn't that great, in my head i thought it would be a HUGE cloud, but yeah not the case. 
I have two foggers going, anyone know of another fogger alternative?
They look happier than before, don't you think? The leaves are softer and the dark green plants now are light green and alot more upright.

Ugh, i'm still pissed that ceph is so small.  Its the size of my thumbnail, i overpotted it, hopefully it
won't kill it and keep the media moist because im going to try not to water it too much to prevent crown rot.

Thanks everyeon!


  1. Its a unique idea to have the collections of carnivorous plants. Your job is really appreciable. Its good to hear that your Nepenthes are growing well and suiting the grow house condition.

  2. Nice set up. I hope your new Ceph does well too!

    The ExoTerra foggers are awful, and too expensive for the amount of times you have to replace them membrane. I'd highly suggest getting a small ultrasonic room/home humidifier and and either setting it inside the chamber or venting it in through a hole. I personally have forgone humidifiers/foggers for an inch or two of water in the base of my terrarium and set all the plants on top of elevated eggcrate so they don't get wet from it. Between the lights and the tank (evaporation) and it being mostly sealed, it never goes below 60% humidity, usually stays between 75-95%. Just remember to use a fan for good air circulation! Good luck!

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