Monday, August 6, 2012

My Venus Flytraps are going to eat my hair!

 The big green long arm ones came from LOWES believe it or not.  They have two or three plants in the cluster I believe.  I have cut off almost all of the old leaves now, and the arms are starting to reach up to the sky.  The Venus Fly Trap above is dying. . .I didn't know they don't like to be over potted.
Thats one small trap for one big pot! =(

 This is a Big Jaws variety that looks like its dying. . what am i doing wrong??? ahh!!! I think the one above and the one below are over watered. . .not sure.  It just dawned on me that if you have a large pot, and have it floating in one inch of water, you can't put a small pot in the same tray or else the rhizome will get wet too easily.  Sigh =(

My friend Rob Co said he is going to send me some B52 Venus Fly Traps soon, I'm assuming you're reading this and holding them hostage!!!! lol =)


  1. Hi Daven! :D
    The flytraps I've seen are hugeee and in bushes. They grow so well in Taiwan you don't even have to pay much attention to them! :)